Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas mini-session with the Jenkins

my best friend since middle school (I have no idea how she has put up with me for this long but I love her for it...) and her beautiful family. it was a COLD day filled with bitter wind and just plain cold. Carlie didn't seem to mind though, as she trudged merrily through the snow while we tried to corral her for a few family shots....we managed to get a few before our fingers became little icicles...
indoors was interesting, too, with little Carlie on the move, having bigger plans than sitting still for a few pictures...a warm, spring outdoor shoot will definitely be in order in the near future....yes, it will be warm again. promise.

with all that said, this image somehow came through it all with the title of my absolute favorite.

this one is pretty darn cute, too.

she was formerly suri cruise's stunt double. she has evolved since then.

they are a ridiculously pretty couple....

like I said....Carlie, well, she has some serious spirit in her....

this pretty much sums up how she felt about a "shoot"....

she really does have the sweetest face.

I can't wait to capture little Carlito again...she is so adorable and sweet and full of laughter..... and has some of the best dance moves ever. look out justin.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the adorable englund sisters

I had the opportunity to work with these two little cuties this past weekend and oh my goodness....this first picture says it all.

way too many adorable pictures to pick THE favorite so instead I chose a handful of them...I hope you love your sneak peek, Andrea! your girls are so ridiculously cute!

seriously. so. cute.

I mean really, who can resist that smile?!

sisters are the best.

and this little cutie was a bit shy at first but warmed right up, especially with the infamous purple sled....pulling mom is fun!

little bundles of love!

I really love this image.

what a faboulous day for a shoot.....I loved having the opportunity to work with you, Andrea, and your girls! You are doing such a fabulous job (her husband is in the military and so she is and has been a single mom for quite some time...) and bless your husband and your family for your sacrifices for us. I have such gratitude for you all! Thank you.

Christmas mini-session with Katie, Cortney, and a furry little one...

Three Sluiter Nation members, two loving lovebirds, lots of laughter and smiles, purple plastic sled, one not so pleased Louis, and a partridge in a pear tree.

My good friends were so easy to work with because they are so natural behind the camera. They have fun and they are loving and they have beautiful eyes and smiles. Even Louis, the furry family member. Okay, maybe not so much the smiles for him but those big ol blues? Well, see for yourself...

My very, very warm and loving!

Image 3065

And this one? It just exudes love. love it.

Image 3035-1

The fourth memeber of Sluiter Nation will make an appearance late next Spring....yes there is a baby in there!!
this image I also adore.

Image 3048-1

Image 2996

Image 3000

Image 3009

Image 3010

Image 3016

Image 3024

Louis apparently had enough mushiness for one day....he is planning his escape route....

Image 3029

Image 3030

Image 3031

Image 3033

fascinated by Cort...

Image 3041

Image 3045

Image 3048-1

ha! we're having a baby!

Image 3054

Image 3058

Image 3062

hello to the window that gives the best lighting ever...I will be returning to this site....

Image 3068

Image 3079

Image 3085

Image 3088

Image 3089-1

this so reminds me of the pitchfork couple. love it.

Image 3093-1

Image 3096

Image 3098

Image 3102-1

I do!

Image 3103-1

Thank you both for braving the cold elements and being open for anything! I love all of your shots and I hope you do, too! I loved working with you and I cannot wait to photograph lil Sluiter someday in the near future......congratulations again!!