Thursday, December 9, 2010

on the twelfth day of the giveaway my true love gave to me...

a plethora of mem-or-ies. that is right. because sadly, our twelve days of giveaway has come to an end. it has come to THEE giveaway to end all giveaways. and I think you may just love it. that is, if you would like to win a super awesome shoot date with me....oh just think, the fun we will have...

for on the twelfth day of christmas your true love may just give to you...

a family session with mL photography in 2011. oh yes. a whole session.
did I mention that it will not only include up to two hours of on location shooting (here in grand haven) but also a complimentary 11x14 print (revealing one of the new looks to mL photography's offerings in 2011...)

you might just want to win this one if you like having super fabulous moments of you and your family just being, well, you and your family, plastered all over your wall.

so you probably want to know how to enter now, yes? well then, you shall find out...

first, did you check out westedge group's fanpage on facebook?? and perhaps like them which in return adds another dollar to their fabulous donation to one of three fantastic charities (your choice where your money goes...) ?? and giving to charities makes my heart smile..three times too big. the good kind too big.
(and if you do not have facebook no worries, you can *still* enter this mother of a giveaway, too...)

okay now here comes the fun...

to enter to win a session with mL photography in 2011 (including that 11x14 print), why don't we play a little christmas mad libs of sorts...

you need to simply fill in the blanks on this little "twas the night before christmas" poem and make it your own. you might just want to copy it and fill it in and then repaste it in the comments (which is where you will enter..)

here goes:


twas the night before christmas when... _______________________________ the house,

not a _____________________________ , not even a mouse.

the _____________________________ with care,

in hopes that ___________________ there.

the children ____________________________ their beds,

while ______________________________ heads.

when _____________________________ clatter,

I __________________________________ matter.

(and now comes the part where you add your own 1-2 verses in here...whatEVER your little heart desires...

but I heard _____________________________,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


and there you have it! this is a kind of free for all mad libs. when you fill in the blanks, you can add as many or as little words of your choosing and when you get to the end where you need to make up your own two verses, again, *you* decide.

phew! I know, sounds like a lot of work. which is why the contest of giveaway day 12 will end *december 31* at midnight. plenty o time to get your creative juices flowing and have fun with it. and I so hope you do....

just remember, just like with life, don't take it too seriously..

laugh. ahlot.

and think of what just may be waiting for you if you do....

oh yeah. and there is a pretty cool runner-up prize, too. and maybe a lil somethin, somethin else as well?? but I am not at liberty to say. santa just might be listening...

merry christmas my amazing clients, family, friends, and everyone in between. this past year? has been inCREDible for mL photography and it is all thanks to you.

I am grateful to be able to give back. and I hope you have loved every minute of the twelve days of giveaway. and my sponsors? you RULE. your generosity and support overwhelm me.

twas a good year. and I am oh so excited to see what will happen about you??

Sunday, November 28, 2010

twelve days of giveaway!!

ellen degeneres style. though probably not *quite* as elaborate (though I would if I could...) still rather *quite* fabulous. so you should get in on it. and try to get a little somethin somethin for yourself...or for someone else you love...or just because it is fun to win. period. or even play to win. because people? tis the season....for some serious giving away of some super awesomeness to begin.

november 29-december 10. and of *course* ending with a bang. a super amazing giveaway bang.
all happening over at mL photography fanpage on facebook. you so do not want to miss it.
so don't.

Friday, October 1, 2010

christmas cards 2010

what better way to say merry christmas than with some fabulously luscious images and some lovely little sayings to compliment them??

well here it is my friends, the big christmas card reveal of 2010...

baby blue..

vintage inspired...

magical moments...

christmas colors....

going green....

be merry: one image...

christmas card details:

**all cards come in a 5x7 size**

set of 24 cards w/envelopes: $46
set of 48 cards w/envelopes: $68
set of 72 cards w/envelopes: $90
...set of 98 cards w/ envelopes: $110

add on set of 6 cards w/envelopes to any above set: $16
individual cards w/envelopes can be purchased for $3 each

christmas trees....

polka dots...

***wallet specials!!**
wouldn't it be lovely to add a little wallet of your family to your card??
well if you order any set of 24 cards or more you can purchase a set of 24 wallets for only $16!!
you can choose ANY images from your galleries for your cards (wallets can be different from your cards, too)

not local and therefore could not have mL photography take your images for you? well you can STILL purchase cards AND have your chosen images artistically edited for a small charge! contact mL photography through my website (or facebook) to inquire further.


be merry: three images...


and a whole lotta love. headed your way this holiday season.

*please allow 1 week to receive your cards* (which will give all october and november shoots plenty of time to receive them before christmas!

have a holly jolly christmas. it's the BEST time of the year. fahsure.

and maybe even some fantastic giveaways and specials but of course. because the holidays?
are all about giving.
tis the season. be thankful for *all* that you have.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

the divine danielle

fun. fabulous. smart. gorgeous. kind. sweet. adorable. wonderful. and she is only a high school senior. my word. I am pretty sure I was never even *close* to being as awesome as the debonair danielle when I was a witty teenager on the verge of graduating and taking on the big bad world. I am pretty sure I am not that cool even *now.* but danielle? she does it without even trying. and with one of the most fantastic, infectious smiles ever. and did I mention she laughs at my attempts at making jokes? mmhhhmm. because she is kind. and she has some seriously super sweet red hair with perfect pale skin going on.

(and? she laughs. at *my* jokes.) and it is a really good laugh. and did I mention her fantastic sense of fashion? um, yeah. pretty amazing really. like "top model" fabulously amazing. and some gorgeous pierce your soul eyes. which leads into my most favorite image *ever* ( you have missed it, I know...)

rawr, danielle. (I hope your mom doesn't mind me saying that....) but rawr.

gorgeous. I know. and those accessories?

hello! I *know.* she is fabulous, I told you.

and towering high with her super fab heels and awesomeness abound, she really could *be* a top model if she wanted to. and after our shoot? I sure did feel like I just walked around town with one.


she was ready to get down to some serious business.

wardrobe changes. hair fluffing. laying on the damp ground and random park ramps? all in a day's work for a supermodel, senior style...

own it, own. it. (I think she may have thought I lost my mind. I mean, I was *really* getting into it....)

LOVE. sass. style. spycee.

hello evening lighting that decided to grace us with one fabulous image.

top. model.

who was ready to work it on all kinds of crazy angles to get that *one* super awesome shot.

did I mention those eyes?

and that fantastic sense of humor and fun...


one of my favorites *ever* (again. yes. I know.) really. who would have thought a playground could be so awesome?

and finally, as the clouds slowly covered the sky and the moon graced us with its presence (and the really cool owl necklace, most coolest necklace *ever*) got its turn to shine...

the fabulously danielle and her owl necklace and custom feather headband (because do you know how important it is to be *you?* especially when you are a kick butt cool you....)

well, she is ready for the world. and the world? is *so* ready for all the incredible greatness she is going to bring to it.
but mom?

might not be *quite* as ready....(though I am pretty sure, lisa, that with a daughter as fabulous as danielle? you will never have a *thing* to worry about.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

what courage looks like.

and let me tell you, it doesn't get any cuter than this.

this is the story of brielle and brooke. the most courageous, wonderfully happy, gentle-spirited, kind, loving just plain *amazing* little people I have ever met. though their story by no means defines them, it is one that must be heard because it is so important and it has changed their lives forever. but you know what? it hasn't changed *them.* they are way too incredible to let it.

both of these beautiful sisters have a rare and devastating disease known as SMA, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, type II. you can read more about their journey and their courage here:

beacause that is all the time I am going to give that wicked disease right now. this day was about THEM. about how they are an inspiration to anyone who has ever had to fight for their life or struggled with pain. because, if you didn't *know* they had SMA, well, then you wouldn't *know* it. they are just that amazing. their smiles melted my heart and I swelled with love from the moment their big, wild, curly hair (jealous...) and kind eyes graced me with their presence. and from the moment we first met until stickers and the best hugs EVER were exchanged, their smiles never took a backseat.

brielle and brooke? you overWHELM me with your courage and strength.

and believe me, you are about to fall in love, too....

beautiful, bubbly, big laughter, big hearted big sister brielle.

sweet, soft-spoken, silly, spontaneous, super fun, smaller sister, brooke.

every image makes my heart swell. three sizes too big. but the good too big.


we had a pretty good time I think....and with these two, living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment of it, how could I not do the same??

just a little supermodel break, you know....

sisters. they are in this thing called life together.

with some serious love and support from their ahMAZing mama. (super gorgeous and kind mama, I might add...)

super serious loving....

I think the feeling is pretty mutual...

courage defined.

strength you never thought was possible from such itty little ones.

but this is what it looks like.
and I think, it is going to be near impossible for anything to get these two down.

actually, I *know* it. and I am so honored to know such amazing, beautiful girls. whom we can never stop fighting for. because I know? they never will either.