Monday, January 25, 2010

eddie van sluiter, seven months old

a rock star in the making from the beginning....ready to tear the set down and request a warm eight ounce bottle, straight up.
given the breezy, chilly air making its way onto our set as his photo shoot was shot from the outside in, I would say little eddie van sluiter did quite a phenomenal job. really, it is hard work looking this ridiculously adorable with an edge (making it my most *favorite* image from our shoot. and possibly ever. I know, what a surprise.)

and this time around, the infamous worn in guitar case was a wee bit smaller. just a wee.

and these cheekers?

well as if that wasn't enough to make you shriek wild tones of cuteness at an alarmingly high loud pitch, hello adidas baby suit.

enough said.

and some sweet baby toofers to boot.

it was a good day.


sometimes I wish images could produce sound. but I think you can imagine the gurgled laughter that may have exuded. such is how a rock star communicates.

and in true rocker style,

peace out.

edward steven, your sweetness fills me up every time I see you. rock on with your bad baby self.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

revamping revealed...

and it's about time, I know. but such is my life lately. suddenly my large irridescent belly of waves has become this

and then suddenly not so teeny anymore (hello chubby baby rolls and wicked cute chins, many of them)

excuse me? what? when?

and the original chubmaster, with the widest of grins and happiest of souls ever, the presman

is turning into a little man..

(yes he still loves the ladies and the ladies love him right back. times ten.)

finally, my sweet, NEVER dramatic, emotional, crazy, breaks into dancey dances at the drop of a beat, any beat, daughter (who IS this girl's mother? really.)

has become a mini teenager overnight.

okay let's face it she pretty much always walked the line with her sass and ridicuously advanced vocabulary paving the way into my nightmares of driving and boyfriends. really?
where DID the time go.

but enough with the reminiscing and down to the revealing. a new decade, time for a change, and hopefully one that will leave you with some in your pocket. (tricky, I know, sometimes I scare myself with such wit.)

if you are a recurring client, you will notice the session fee prices are different, but it is a GOOD thing, I promise. they now include a few prints as noted:

**$50 session fee for newborns/1-3 children, 1-8x10 print 1-5x7 print**
**$75 session fee for high school seniors, couples, families, and 4 or more children, 1-8x10 print 2-5x7 prints**

all in your best interest my pretties.

and it doesn't stop there- the more you order, the more you save (and you may notice a few of these have changed as well):

Individual prints
3.5x5 = $2.50
4x6 = $4.00
5x7 = $7.00
(order 6 or more 5x7 prints and only $5 a print!)
8x10 = $11.00
(order 4 or more 8x10 prints and only $9 a print!)
set of 8 wallets ** = $8.00
(purchase 6 or more wallet sets and only $6 a set!)



love all of your images? then these specials are for you!
***1- set of ALL images in size 4x6- only $2 a print*****
example- 50 images, $100 instead of $200, a HUGE savings!
***1- set of ALL images in size 3.5x5- only $1.25 a print*****
example- 50 images, $62.50 instead of $125, another HUGE savings!


and the best?
**FREE Recommendation print: all you have to do is simply recommend mL photography to a friend and if they book a session, you will receive a FREE 8x10 print with your next paid session! (an $11 value!)***
ps- mL photography in grand haven is now on facebook and there is yet another chance to win one of two $20 gift certificates if you become a fan and leave a photo comment.

I know.

it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, too.

gorgeous gallery mounts and canvas wraps are available, larger print sizes, baby one year plans, it is so on.

I really hope you are ready to laugh out loud, smile from your insides, and play as if you had forgotten how very, very soon.
I would love to be there to capture it all for you because let's face it- time is not gonna give us a break anytime soon.

but the warmth of the sun (remember? it is a star that keeps us warm!), it is just around the corner.


and not so long ago THIS was just a

and thanks to all of you, it is so, so much more.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the ethanator

weighing in at 16 pounds, 7 ounces at just 15 weeks old.

but isn't he just ridiculously cute? I can hardly take credit for the little chubby sweetness that exudes from every image...he was cooing and sharing a moment with his daddy for most of it.

but I DID have a small part in bringing him into this world....(and if scars count for anything, then I claim a very LARGE part instead.)

smiles are pretty much his M.O. these days....


this boy.

has got me by the heartstrings.

sweet ethan warren, only for you would I bounce on a giant exercise ball EVERYWHERE I go.....and if you have seen me lately, then you know exactly what I mean.

what could be better than starting off the new year with these big smiling eyes looking back at you? enough said.