Monday, August 30, 2010

urban baby supermodel, take one

because one take was really all that was needed. on the streets of downtown grand haven (and even in the *coolest* park around), far far away from grand ledge (yes even a wicked long car road couldn't deter this cutie pie from being, well, the cutest thing ever) .....a supermodel was born. though really it was a year ago that she graced her parents with her sweet, adorable, perfect little presence.

meet isla dilyn.

and what you see? is positively, absolutely what you get. the sweetest, happiest, most adorable little thing the streets of grand haven have ever seen. and those cheekers?

enough said.

bakker family, party of three. party of gorgeousness and kindness and laid-back style of living life? you are fantastic.

and this little cutie pie? a million and one faces for every outfit she graciously allowed us to change her into.

seriously. who could ever say no to a face like this?? I'm pretty sure, isla, you *can* always get what you want. you are kind of way. too. adorable. for your parents' own good.

a montage of three. super awesome urban baby just living it up. *love* love* love*

forget the runway. we are setting a new trend. because every super stylish urban baby supermodel needs to walk the tracks. but of course.

really? yes, REALLY.

um, you guys? are the sweetest little family.

oh, hi. just hanging out in my basket.

yeah. I know it.

just another day in the life of being ridiculously adorable.

and ridiculously loved.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

one evening down on the farm.....

I met a gorgeous little family and their perfectly precious little betsy jane. so perfect and adorable and the best baby ever, just hanging out on the farm. a farm that has been in their family for really, quite a long time. a very long time. and now betsy jane gets to be a part of it, too.
yes, sweet little betsy jane. with the most gorgeous, deepest, bluest, sweetest melt you eyes. and porcelian skin. and the cutest. little. ears. ever.

yep. she really is *that* sweet. and this family? well, pretty sweet themselves. and kind, and generous, and with some of the biggest hearts you will ever meet. oh, and kind of super gorgeous, too.

mmhhmm. really that beautiful. inside and out. and ready to have some fun...down on the farm.
especially, sweet little betsy jane....

*serious* fun. in seriously cute little antique bonnets. because really, who doesn't love a good old-fashioned bonnet when you are just hanging out...down on the farm.

and let me tell you, there was a whole lotta love happening on this farm.

mama love.

daddy love.

all. kinds. of. love.

in ridiculously lovely lighting. betsy jane was pretty happy about that.

*love* this image. like a whole lotta love (and I'm pretty sure val and joss stone have more than just lusciously gorgeous hair in common. really. *look* at that resemblance I say! love them both.)

sweet betsy jane.

just spending an evening down on the farm...

and loving every minute of it. under the warmth of the sun. in loving arms. happy. and with the most gorgeous, perfect lighting ever ....

who wouldn't?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

fall mini shoot giveaway on facebook!!


fall mini shoots are finally *here!!*

this september-november.

30 minute shoot (up to 6 people)
15-20 images in password protected gallery
1- 11x14 print
10% off Christmas card order (designs to be revealed very, very soon...)
all for $50!!


how about *free???* become a fan of mL photography on facebook (if you are not already) and enter to win the giveaway for a fall mini shoot of your very own.

(contest runs monday, august 23 through sunday, august 29, 2010)

big colors. big sweaters. big laughter.

big fun. you don't want to miss it.

good morning, sunshine.

many kinds of sunshine. three of them in particular...

what a fabulous morning for a shoot (my first on the beach in the am hours but loving the quietness and lack of, well, noise. minus what was coming from us. but I will never tell...
can you??

ah the lovely admired lighthouse. pretty much irresistible for some family group shots. but wind? we could have done without you just a bit. don't get me wrong, we love us some supermodel blowing hair but having to constantly tuck and brush and even sometimes taste our hair? not so much.
but the beach. and sunshine. and curiosity. together you make life good. fun. perfect. you make the morning not so morning-ish (though coffee, I still love you and most definitely need you...but these three adorable sunshines? they just kind of do their own thing.

oh hi. there are more than just three, that is right.

super lovely color coordinated with matching fabulous smiles. I know.

super fabulous grandparents sort of have something to do with that I think.

and super fabulous parents, too.

it all just makes for a sunshine-y kind of day...

the perfect day.
that makes me happy when I am grey. please don't take my sunshine away.