Thursday, April 29, 2010

mini model maddie

the mini veteran model. since this was *technically* her fifth shoot (with me, though she has hundreds of them under her belt with her mama....), we traveled back to our one year anniversary spot in kollen park amid the tulips, and a really cool weeping willow-ish tree (because honestly, I really don't know what it was. it was just COOL.)
tutus, flower wands, bathing suits and a cap, more flowers, wardrobe changes, galvenized tube, and even an extra model for a few shots, the girl has got it down.
I believe this is my very favorite.

any era? no problem for madelynn grace to reenact. this reminds me of the 60's and I *adore* the 60's...(and I kind of like the baby in it, too...)

um, love.

THEE tree. it was just begging for a tutu-ed, adorable baby with a flower wand to perch herself under it. a perfect match.

and you would almost think her crazy cute hat was especially designed to accommodate the tulips in the park....and it just may have been, her mom is that cool..


there is nothing more exciting than once you learn the art of clapping...who DOESn't love to have someone clapping for them (well, maybe it wasn't for me but I can pretend...)

waving is pretty awesome, too.


and there is nothing like sharing a few moments with your mama....

dear mama, I do believe that is a toofer peeking out. love, maddie

I can hardly believe the next time we *work* together again that you will be one year old.
all growns up. please stop.

you melt my heart every time you adorn my lens with one of your sweet smiles. and even when you don't.

that's what I love about you, sweet maddie.

Monday, April 26, 2010

a hunk o' burning baby love

twenty jolly, giggling, wild, toothless, sleepless, curious, wide-eyed, loving, squeezable pounds of it.
and I couldn't love them any more.

I do believe fashion is important to emphasize at a very early age. when they say, "black tie" event, they don't really specify the expectations for the rest of the outfit, do they??

and I really don't think there could be anything cuter than a baby in a monster hat. especially when the hat is sometimes very fitting.....

but I would never say such a thing about such a sweet little man...

and I do mean little man. really? seven months old already??

that's silly.
just. plain. outrageous.

ethan warren. you are inevitably going to be the end of me. those big, sweet eyes and chubby baby cheekers and squishy baby rolls with your squealing laughter shrieks and toothless triple chin smile that takes over your entire face when you look at me? yeah, that. the END of me.

and you have only just begun....

Friday, April 23, 2010

avery in the park

amongst the tulips, chasing bubbles, sitting in a chair (for a *quick* break), cuddling with her blanket, climbing in window sills, on the move on the town. phew. I am exhausted just thinking about it.
but sweet, little 18 month old avery? not so much. the girl likes to go. she likes to play. she likes to laugh. and as only a true supermodel does, she likes to do what she likes to do. I was merely there to partake in some of the action. and, if I was lucky enough, capture a moment or two in the midst of it all. and let me tell you, there were some *really* fantastic moments.

and this was probably one of my very favorites.

this one was pretty darn cute, too....

okay, who am I kidding. EVERY moment was pretty much irresistable. and even the whipping, sudden bursts of chilled wind couldn't stop her from living it up. I am quite sure is capable of nothing less.

a quick sniff of the tulips....

ummm, they are for picking yes?

and if I stay like this until they walk by.....

(ps- you can hide behind my legs anytime, avery...)

and I was oh so glad to see she still had a few of her signature yoga poses ready to bust a move..

the adorable, irresistable, full-of-super-personality-and-crazy-likeableness avery.

you are one of a kind. a really GREAT kind.