Wednesday, February 24, 2010

beautiful baby boy brookston

though itty, bitty brookston was adamant to take it all in for his very first shoot, we were patient. he ate a little while minnie took a walk around the block. he gave us wide-eyed glimpses into those precious baby blues. I melted. snapped images uncontrollably. and minnie continued her walk, checking out the mounds of snow surrounding us (I explained no coat, no going outside, minnie. many, many times.) he cuddled with mama. grasping thumbs. ate again. and maybe again. minnie took a well deserved break. and finally.....
the boy slept. peacefully. happily. with a few grunts here and there. just to let us know who exactly was in charge. (all nine pounds of him to be certain)
but we were patient. and it was so worth the wait.

one of my most favorite images ever. dear babies. please always stay this little and sweet.

cuddling with teddies and soft, cozy blankets...(adore)

and teeny, weeny toesies all wrapped up....


love, your family.

love these squishy, little lips.

did I mention melt-your-very-heart-on-the-spot blue eyes? really.

and the bestest and most softest baby fuzz in the history of baby fuzz.

big sister, shayla, not only brought dear minnie along but also a bucket full of kisses and hugs to plant on her brother. at any given moment. and there were many, many moments. she was in love.

I think the feeling is pretty mutual.

yeah. pretty much.

dear brookston,

please stay this little and sweet forever. for you, I don't think that is going to be a problem.

Monday, February 8, 2010

madelynn grace, model in the making

sweet little seven month old, maddie, knows how to work it. boas, pearls, flowers in the hair, faux fur blankets, and even a custom made sled for a ride. oh and music. lots and lots of behind the scenes music. props are an everyday luxury in a sixteen pound, diaper wearing supermodel's lifestyle.
the girl can pretty much have anything she wants. and with eyes like these....

who can blame her for trying?

I am pretty much head over manolo blahnik's about this image. if I had a pair that is.

and maddie pretty much felt that same way, too. literally.

did I mention custom made clothing as well? but of course. with a saucy pink boa to complete the look. something she just threw together last minute.

pink. it's what you wear.

the infamous sled that her daddy built. with his own two hands. from SCRATCH. yes, he is currently taking custom orders. he just doesn't know it yet.

a girl can have her pearls...

and eat them, too.

sweet, precious madelynn grace. she also has been known to nibble her toes for party tricks.

ten little fingers, thirty little toes.

because where would a supermodel be without her family there to support her. no matter what.

dear maddie. you are one loved little lady.