Sunday, February 12, 2012

in your heart

sometimes life graces you with the presence of a remarkable human being with such kindness in their heart and such peace in their smile because they have loved. so much. and they ARE loved. so much more than they can ever imagine.

"family is what life is all about, " she softly whispered to me with a light in her eyes, a happiness in her heart, and a natural smile filled with love. she is brave beyond life. beautiful, loving, strong. she is someone's family. someone who will ALways be in your heart. and this is for her.

we cannot always explain everything, we don't always know the reasons why,
we only know the love we feel makes our souls sing with life.

every moment we have shared together, every breath we have smiled,
you were there with me, you were the one who made it worth while.

so no matter where this journey of life takes us, if our paths separate from time to time,
warmth will always fill my heart, I will carry you with me, you will always be my shining star.

you are someone's mother.

you are someone's grandmother.

you are the one and only glamorous gigi.

you are our family. you ARE love.
so save a place for me, save a space for me. in your heart.

as you are ALways in my heart. always. no matter where you are. you are my shining star.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

becoming whole

sometimes, something is missing. you just don't know what it is. until you have it and you can hold it in your hands and your heart can smile that it is yours and you never have to let it go.

even when you are completely exhausted, overwhelmed, emotional, full of you think you might burst. that is when you feel it the most. you feel whole. and you cannot imagine how you lived your life without it before.

it doesn't matter *how* you came to be. you did. and you are whole. and you are a family. and you have love. and you have fears. and you have little fingers grasping tightly to never let *you* go. you never felt so needed before. and you were never before needed so much. you are someone's mom. you are someone's dad. you are someone's son. you are someone's daughter. you are someone's *family.* and you are whole.

how could you love someone you never met before so.very.much. you would give your life for that little being, you would take their sicknesses, their pain, their heartbreaks, and go through it all for them?

because you just could. and you do. and you always will. you are *whole.* and the best part? you don't ever have to let go.

and it all began with the two most beautiful faces you ever did see....

meet kyrie.

and kingston.

the loves of your life.

and you just happen to be the loves of *their* lives as well. did you know that? even when you feel like NOthing you do is right. even when you have had a major fail of a day. even when you didn't even get a chance to shower. for three days in a row. you are still loved. you are still whole. and you can live off coffee if you want to. cause you are loved. and you are perfect to someone. no matter WHAT you do.

this is what happiness looks like. this is your family. this is your life.

and you wouldn't have it any.other.way.

cause these two perfect faces?

just as much as they made YOU whole? you made their

no matter how you came to be. you just did. and you are whole. and you are a family.

and family is the most beautiful word you have ever known.

welcome "whole"me, stefanich family!!!