Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a super fantastic evening. beach familia style.

a not so perfect day, filled with random bouts of rain threatening to rain on our beach parade (and don't worry, steep humidity, I won't forget to give you a shout out...with a side of arm flailing, too....) just so happened to turn into an oh *so* perfect night (complete with lots of laughter and smiles, a subtle breeze, every *once* in a while, but we took it...and don't worry, I will *so* give a shout out to "ice cream!" and even you, "cheeseburger!"
because we love you. you are our favorites. and sweet, happy, super lovely, stylish and fantastic garcia family (with add ons that are not garcias but still, you are ALL familia...) well, I think you may have just made the evening even *that* much more perfect. because look at you.

yep. perfect.
and really how could you go wrong with these three adorable little ones with some of the most perfect smiles, hearts, laughter, fun spirited souls, and kindness towards one another that pretty much make up the definition for perfection. including the most adorable little faces ever.
just plain perfect really.

sweet lily. a seasoned supermodel after our pixie shoot together, frolicking throughout the park and now sprinkling the beach with her melt your heart brown eyes and ridiculously cute cheekers and smile.

cool little man ethan. so handsome in his crisp white shirt, so gentle and loving with his little sister. sweetest and kindest little face. and I am pretty sure he is a fan of my jokes. yes my fanbase is growing. thank you, ethan.

silly little keith. pretty sure he will always be the life of the party. and with that adorable little face (including the cutest little dimple. and I am quite positive he will not find that amusing for me to get all mushy about later in life but I just cannot help it. look at the boy. SO cute.

gorgeous you all are. wonderful. SO fun to be around. and this image? pretty much *perfect.*

because you just are.

ah, *love*. the super duper kind.

love. the shared moment kind.

um, lily? you are a *doll*

where it all began...hmm, I wonder where they all get their love of life from?? it couldn't *possibly* have anything to do with this super perfect pair.....

yeah. you see what I mean.

grandparents. perfect ones. super loving ones.

brother and sister. ridiculously cute and perfect ones. *love* love* love*

and that lil sprout keith again....he never misses a beat.

I'm pretty sure the whole family never misses *any* beat. any opportunity to live life and do so with such love and joy.

and that is pretty much what it means to be family. the perfect family.

Monday, July 26, 2010

the sluiters. many of them.

all super wonderful good them.

and wonderful in every sense of the word. with good hearts. good attitudes (despite the sweltering sweat factor because of the super good humidity that evening). good sense of style. and really good hair. and best of all? a super really good sense of humor.

all of them.

like really good actually.
oh, and did I mention really good looking, too? yeah. pretty much.

meet the fabulous sluiter family. all of them.

starting with sweet little eddie. the first grandbaby (though soon really good things will happen to a really good couple and eddie will have some really good cousins. ..)
eddie and mr. peeps made for some really good laughter when working together.
oh and then there is eddie's fabulously sweet, curly, blonde, wispy hair that the wind loves (when it was good enough to share with us.)
it is a boy sluiter thing. they all have ridiculously good hair. how *dare* they.

and then here are *some* of the couples. really good, cute ones. that like to hug. and laugh. and really enjoy one another. because they make good company. and good couples they are then.

and siblings. with really good smiles. like ridiculously perfectly white filled with such happiness you cannot help but smile with them. those really good ones.

then some sisters. the really adorable, friendly, perfect (*sort* of makes you want to roll your eyes perfect sisters because they are just THAT nice and THAT cute without even trying but once you meet them you cannot HELP but adore them....) that good sister kind.

oh, brothers. the good loving kind that aren't afraid to show their affection (thank you, cody) and that may just be some of THEE most nicest guys on the planet willing to do anything for you because they don't know any other way than to be exceptionally kind and good.
yes, that good brother type.

and grandparents. the really good fun kind that seep adoration for their grandbaby (and the ones to come) with pride and love swelling from their eyes with hearts three sizes too big (but the GOOD too big).... good, GOOD grandparents.

happy, good grandparents.

ones that are so good and so wonderful that they will always be in your heart and make your soul smile no matter where they are smiling back at you from.

and ones that will never be forgotten because that would be impossible to do because they are just that *good.*

and then there are the good friends that maybe we have yet to meet or perhaps we just met for the first time but we can already tell it is going to be good. and they make for some really good moments.

and make us feel really good. and happy.

and happy is good. and the sluiters know no other way.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


is *definitely* not the loneliest number. especially when it is your big day. and your friends and family are there to celebrate you. oh, and your mommy is the craftiest, most creative party planner ever.
one is the most happiest, wonderfulest, specialest, funnest number.
I do think miss maddie agrees.

especially when birthday number one is a cupcake themed extravaganza. the details are enough to make you drool. and maybe go out and buy a dozen.

cute little gifts for the guests to take home...handmade but of course....

and then there is the sweet birthday girl. in her dessert flavored dress with a personality all her own.
it's your party, madelynn grace, and you can crawl if you want to. (but I am pretty sure that will be a distant memory very soon....unless mommy has anything to say about it...)

oh. and did I mention the giant handmade pin the cherry on the cupcake?? and since cherries are perfect *anywhere* on a cupcake (even falling off really...) everyone is a winner. most perfect game ever.

partying with grandmas and grandpa....

and then some play time with mommy and daddy, very necessary but of course......

presents! cards are *just* as important as the gift....

but not *quite* as exciting....

cake! I mean cupcake! and one almost as big as lil maddie herself....

let the eating begin...

yep. I think it is pretty good.

oh yeah. and of course this party extravaganza had to end with a bang.

a really big one. happy birthday sweet maddie, you BIG SISTER, you....