Friday, December 25, 2009

present par-tay!

who doesn't love a good present?

well it's time to open up yours.....can you FEEL the excitement??

the tribe has spoken (aka the small collection of lovely family members who helped me make the daunting decision of whom would be the winner of the twelve days of Christmas giveaway....because seriously, they were all so fabulous, really. amazing. thank you so much to everyone who entered (and did not curse me for not announcing the winner sooner as promised because people, the holidays are just bu-seeee. I know you know exactly what I mean).

enough already, I know. the winner of one of my fabulous NEW packages that will be coming in the new year is:


go jen, it's your birthday! well maybe not but hopefully it will feel like it for here is what you won:

a family session PACKAGE including a 1-2 hour BEACH session ( I know, you are a pro at this, as are your adorable children, emma and caleb...) AND (yes the gift keeps on giving...) included in this package is an 8x10 print AND two 5x7 prints.
your prize is worth $75!!! woot!

Merry Christmas!
to claim your prize, simply email me by the new year and I will give you more details.

but the giving is by far from over....

there is a fabulous runner-up as well and that person is:

you have won a $25 gift certificate to use towards a beach session fee/prints!! your post was also a favorite. simply email me as well by the new year to claim your prize and for further details.

and lastly, I would love to work with all of you in the new year which is why I think all the other entries deserve SOME kind of prize just for being fabulous so anyone else who did not win one of the top spots will receive a FREE 5x7 print of your choice if you book a session with mL photography in the new year! you need not even email me to claim your prize, I will simply write down your credit and apply it with any session in 2010.

thank you again so much for the creativity and thoughtfulness you each put into your entry. loved it. so. much.

stay tuned for the revamping (of sorts) to mL photography's session packages and prints.

you are going to laugh-out-loud-love-it.

Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

sweet shayla

not only did we shoot in THE most awesome-est (yes, a word) room EVER (hello ceiling to floor windows and heated tile, even if it was on hiatus), but little two year blue-eyed shayla made it all that more amazing. she has the sweetest little voice, the most adorable little face, and minnie mouse is her best friend (that and a rather large calculator). it doesn't get much cuter than that.
oh yeah, and the lens loves her.

correction: it ADORES her. there is something about the above image that I just can't get enough of (hence, my new header). I just plain love it.
and this next image? more gushing love. the girl is just plain cute. she can't help it.

she even has some supermodel poses up her sleeve...

oh, and a wicked fun personality...two words: "minnie mouse!" did I mention the love for the pink clothed, black-eared mouse that filled the air?

it's no wonder, look at this gorgeous family.

soon to be family of FOUR...

sweet shayla.

you are going to be the most loving and most fun big sister ever.

and I have a feeling the new little bundle might just be wicked cute, too...

*** there are still nine ladies dancin' till Christmas which means another week to keep the deliciously creative contest entries coming.....just leave a comment on the "my true love gave to me" post below. the suspense (and judging difficulty level) is really IS like Christmas, I can't wait....***

Thursday, December 10, 2009

my true love gave to me...

twelve bouncing bubbles

eleven magnificient mamas

ten party people

nine funny faces

eight colorful cuddlers

seven doting daddies

six acts of affection


4 hooves a kickin

3 sweet siblings

2 big ol bellies

......and a rock star stuck in a baby's bod-eey.

phewf! and if you made it through my twelve days of Christmas, photography style, well then here you are. and here IT is.
THE giveaway.
but how do you enter you say? well simply leave a comment on THIS post for one of the twelve days of Christmas in YOUR life and you are in. SO in.
still not sure? well today I am pretty sure I can claim "twelve detestable diapers" (and probably even more, but I will spare you the details..) but you get the idea. and hopefully I didn't steal yours.
REmember- any day, anything in your life.
and finally what is at stake? well in keeping with my government conspiracy ways, here is a clue....

and that my dear friends, is what your true love may give to you.

and you will have twelve days from Friday, December 11, to enter.
The winner will be announced the day before Christmas Eve.
and then I may even tell you what you won.
I promise it is worth the wait.

Merry Christmas.