Sunday, June 27, 2010

we are family.

and quite the free-spirited, incredibly easy on the eyes kind. like, *super* easy. from the moment they stepped into the warm sunlight and we began our descent to my *favorite* spot to shoot in grand haven (thank you dogs.), I knew my lens was going to adore them. and neither of us were disappointed. don't you agree??

so lovely. and so reminding me of how necessary mr. peeps and a ridicuously sweaty me making faces with blocks on my head really are. but with faces like these, it is *so* worth it.

sweet lola. the most sought after curls that the wind adored just as much, with just a hint of sass and independence and a serious love for her little gerber daisy. and running in the water. with a diaper on. because when you are young, that is what you do. and you love it. and I so love that sweet smile and those bright, happy eyes.

her super fun brother, owen. wild, witty, funny, way too handsome with a smile that never ends and those blue eyes that will get you *every* time. even the naughty times. I am sure his parents know a thing or two about that....but the boy? pretty much impossible not to adore him and his carefree spirit upon meeting.

and then there is josephine. sweet jo-jo. cousin of owen and lola. and one of THEE original eight. eight babies that is. I never forgot those absolutely precious brown eyes and mischevious smile (peeking from behind a sweet chubby arm as she laid on her belly completely content not so long ago...) but now? not so immobile. the girl likes to explore. she likes to be a part of the action. (and I think she kind of liked her gerber daisy, too.) but still that sweet, shy little jo-jo I first met...not so long ago.

insanely. beautiful. children. I felt as though I was on a baby GQ shoot. BQ if you will.

oh. yeah. there are some parents, too. some *insanely* gorgeous parents. beautiful. lovely. wonderful. parents.

who made this.

and then some more. (with some of the best laughs EVER. and one of my most favorite images EVER.) *love*

hubba hubba. (yes. I just said that outloud.)
because then there were these two sweet little things.

family. it's the little moments in between that we make that I really love. I mean *love.* ah-lot.

oh how I love these two images so.

SO many reasons to love the beach. thank you for reminding me of that.

and so many reasons to love.

Monday, June 21, 2010

ridiculously gorgeous and fun visels, party of four

because with the visels? I am pretty sure *every* moment is a par-tay. the really fun, the really good kind. this family I *adore.* down to their white smiled perfection, infectious laughter, and beautiful blonde hair blue eyed boys. oh and their parents are pretty awesome, too.

playing on the beach, running, smiling, splashing, loving. taking a moment to just plain laugh (well, many moments). enjoying every second of our shoot together. I think that is pretty much how they live their lives. never letting go of the joy of every. single. moment.

did I mention I adore this family? and this image? may just be one of my most favorites EVER. visel family. you are so very. very very cool.

and with these two sweet little guys, how could you NOT want to smile every moment of every single day...(hey, no one needs to know what goes on behind the scenes....

and there weren't too many behind the scene moments that I would NOT want to share. they were all just that amazing. including joe's fish lips. I love that boy.

hi, we are also supermodels undercover. well, not actually undercover because they just can't help their gorgeousness just out there in the open. seriously? you visels are WAY too beautiful. love it. and again joe, you just have a way with the lens (and the ladies' hearts, too....

yeah. SUPER fun. told you.

sweet big brother jake. just daydreamin. just his everyday casual way to go about life. laid back. and loving it.

and little crazy adorable brother joe. this boy. boy oh BOY. he pretty much melts you. they both kind of do that to you. ladies, you are SO in trouble.

and once again, that fun thing. it's what they do.

and sometimes, a little bit of lovin in between....

visels. party of four.

your generosity and genuine happiness could fill an entire ocean.

the joy you live life with made my *day.*

and reminded me

every day can be a really good one. we just need to take the time to realize it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sweet, spycee, sassy, stellar, spectacular, sluiters.

once upon a time there were two. seriously in love two.

and sometimes, that makes three. three super awesome, fun, loving, kind, wonderful, want-to-hug-them-every-time-you-see-them sluiters.

you just can't help it. they are *that* incredible.
and maybe, just maybe, this little man may have something to do with it.

little eddie van sluiter. yeah. it is pretty much impossible not to adore him from the moment his smile spreads across his sweet baby chubby cheekers and melts your very heart on impact.
they all pretty much tend to have that affect. for the life of me, I *cannot* figure out why...can you??

the super gorgeous sluiter family. where it all once began shall it begin again. and what better place to start then with the boy with a thousand faces. forget the face that launched a thousand ships. this boy has a face for *every* one of them. just another spectacular can't-help-but-make-you-want-to-adore-them sluiter trait.

seriously. or not so serious. ly.

yes indeed.

oh, peek a boo most squishable cheekers ever.


yeah. you get the idea.

this bridge harbors much romance for these two lovebirds. it really is where it all began. with the proposal.

I think eddie is pretty pumped about that.

I know dear edward. a broken crate. on the GROUND. I know.

your mama just had to fit some rock star action in there somewhere. just to be true to her rock star self....I mean yours....

and so there are three.

three fabulous sluiters.

spectacular really. because once upon a time there were two.

and then eddie made three. and that was just what they needed.