Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Extravaganza!

two words: eight babies. and no this was not a shoot with the infamous octuplets. these little sweet things ranged in age from 7 1/2 months down to 6 weeks old. luckily none of them were old enough to make a dashing escape by means of crawling...but that didn't mean they weren't willing and ready to try other ways....this shoot was actually a great group of friends gathering with all of their babies to create some amazing memories and eat a delicious spread of food...I love free food. thank you, brie.

it amazed me how in the few short hours we were together I could distinguish each baby's personality and sometimes... even remember all of their names. the colored onesies were a production for some of the moms to create but I am so glad they decided to go for it (okay, I will take credit for the idea of brightly colored onesies since I can't take much credit for the adorable shoot that the babies allowed me to create....)


I love this image...a spiral of cuteness.

but this is definitely my favorite by far. all those little chubby baby parts and adorable cheeks and faces..seriously. it doesn't get any better than this. and yes all of the babies are real.

but I bet you can't guess how many boppies lie hidden underneath the whispery whiteness....

girls know how to gossip at a very young age...

and boys begin the endless pursuit of trying to figure it all out.

another sweet, sweet image I adore. and with a name like Iris, who can resist?

she was really fascinated by the other babies' feet throughout the course of the shoot...

and the youngest of the pack leads the first escape attempt...

looking at all of the images taken in a row in this position was like a flipbook of babies kicking and crying...hilarious.

hmmm....can I reach that foot? see what I mean...

I love it when babies think I am funny..(oh wait, she was looking at her mom.....)

this was my creative attempt at babies popping up from seemingly out of nowhere...or rather, how many moms can we squish behind the couch before they become claustrophobic and give me the look.

and the girls rule.....did you expect anything less?

yes, of course all of the babies were always as happy as Kendall here....okay, just one more image to let you know sometimes a girl just needs to let it out....

it's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

a seventies montage of bathtime

with the Oscars only a few days away (an exciting event in my own little hollywood world...two words: Benjamin Button.), a montage (and a seventies processed one at that- you will understand if you have ever seen my green squared tiled miniature bathroom and The Shining inspired bathtub....see the gem of a faucet knob set that adorns it if you are at all unsure...)seems more than fitting to share lil presman's excitement and joy in finally having the entire bath all to himself....ahhhh.

need I say more?

rubber froggy, your'e the one.

Friday, February 6, 2009

connor and paige

disclaimer: this post is going to be excessive. excessive in cuteness, excessive in images, excessive in "oohs" and "aahs" that will most definitely exude from you as you view it. my first photo shoot with my new camera and I couldn't have asked for
more photogenic and adorable little ones to capture...4 week old connor was a natural at his first shoot (and very, very relaxed....that's all I will say about that..) 18 month old paige hammed it up, playing peek-a-boo with my fabric backdrops, diligently stacking wooden rings, over and over again, and adhering to our every request. who would have thought an orange could have been so enticing?
oh, and three words: all natural light.
I love my new camera and I absolutely love this shoot...I could hardly decide what to post....

my top seven, like the top ten list of images you would most like to squeeze the cheeks of because they are so cute....only there are only seven. seven really good ones. in no particular order....







and seven.

the rest of the images are just irresistable and must be shared.....and this isn't even a fraction of them....

this one cracks me up....

next stop: baby extravaganza.....stay tuned...