Wednesday, October 28, 2009

gwennie turns 4


and her sweet little personality continues to amaze me...and constantly keep me on the go. I had to be fast to catch her in the moment, any moment really because the girl, well she likes to move. and she is NOT afraid to let you know what she wants (what girl isn't really?) and as her adorable little grin still shields a devilish little laugh after all these years, she is still little baby gwennie to her auntie m and always will be....
could I use the word little any more? probably. just wait till I describe my little bubba ethan as his babyhood slowly seeps away from me too quickly everyday (and yes babyhood is so a word.)
now on to gwennie's walk in the woods as I attempted to follow along...

my two very favorites...





for you!


love that little grin...


the contemplative gwen...



ahh, brothers.



they have to have all the glory...


little man holden.








um, we're so done.


and that pretty much sums it up.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

4 month old lil rock star eddie

"he's cute, but he's not our baby...." thank you presman for clearing that up. dare I hope that lil ethan will be half as happy as the edster, rocking out in a basket in the middle of a park I *claimed* no one ever comes to (cue man on bike searching for lost cans...)

even the random and strange occurance of cold rain for a matter of moments couldn't stop him from rocking his smile. true rocker style.

I am also honored that little eddie marks my 100th post. a very special occasion for me (do I really have that much to say??)

a ridicuously cute baby.

a crazy beautiful family.

who needs 3,6,9,12? we are starting a new trend.

because he's cool like that.

and did I mention fun?

and don't forget big heart.

Monday, October 26, 2009


is the PERFECT number. I couldn't be any more blessed.

who knew you could be filled with so much love? I cannot imagine what my life would be like without these three.

three is the perfect number.

most of the time....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

and then he was six...

six days old that is. and now 16. could time please give me a moment?
my little ethan.
he laughs without reserve in his sleep. (sometimes I even think he is smiling that I am his mama, even if his eyes are closed...)
his favorite place to be is nestled under my chin. (the sling is my new best friend.)
I can't get enough of his squishy little cheeks. (okay, so they are not that little but they are rather perfect to me.)
he's already been photographed over 1,000 times. and he doesn't seem to mind. yet.

my little ethan. I am just in love. which is why I could hardly choose a single image to announce his arrival. you can see where this blog is headed...
but really, how can you resist?

I think these might be the cutest lips ever.


the best.

it is exhausting being this cute.

could there be anything sweeter than a sleeping baby in a little beanie hat? I think not.

life is good.

and it should be.