Sunday, August 30, 2009

many thank yous

for all of your kind words and overwhelming response in helping me decide THE three year old presman which I am sure you found is not an easy thing to do.
however, blowing out his first ever candle on his own seemed quite the opposite...

and so it wasn't for me either to gather your responses and determine just one with so many different opinions (which I love) so rather five different images for wallets and one for my wall is what came from the masses based on your choices.
and good thing that is through because I think these two....

are not going to be two for much longer. only 22 days left and counting....and after keith and kelly's fabulous wedding yesterday, I am hoping even sooner.

I mean seriously, is it possible to GET any bigger?? unfortunately I think so....
thanks to my lovely assistant, whitney, for capturing this shot on the big day. and yes it is totally safe, mom, to hang out in the middle of a busy grand rapids street....really, how could anyone miss me??

finally, thank you, keith and kelly, for being rock stars even in the rain and making glamorous look easy on your amazing day. I can't wait to have your shoot complete. in the very near future. promise.

and as I sit in my sweater wondering where did summer go, I am thankful it is almost Fall and time to start another chapter in life.

yes it is going to be quite the interesting one....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

three year old presman

presley scott. my little peanut all growns up. he amazes me every day with his wit (sometimes known as a bit of sass...) inquisitive little mind (also known as sass) and his sweet little dimple, long lashes and blue eyes, and a smile that never ends that gets me every time (sass disguised). I feel so blessed to have a son with so much empathy already and a heart that just might be three sizes too big....his love fills me up and his white blonde, curly wild hair? well I am not going to cut it. so there. presley scott. my wild little heartbreaker.

my very, very favorite of our evening on the town...


now it is your turn. I've asked family, friends, even blog admirers to vote on their favorite presman. I need help. the cuteness is overwhelming and I would love to have your opinion for his three year pictures.

remember, you can just post as anonymous with your favorite image or you can even sign your name at the end of your post. you can even let me know why you picked it as your very favorite. I love hearing your thoughts. but you have to post a vote if you want to have a say (use the numbers under each image to vote)

I love thinking of you agonizing over picking just one because seriously? well it's the presman. now I really understand what my clients mean when they tell me they are having a hard time choosing their images. I am right there with you.

now prepare yourself for an abundance of presman....and even a guest appearance by big sister audrey.... (you can even vote on your favorite brother/sister image, I guess you actually get two votes. I am so accommodating, I know...)

my very favorite image of my two favorite little people.







always having something up his sleeve....




I just don't know WHERE he gets it from...







that's right. I am not cutting his hair. it reminds me too much of something....I can't quite place my finger on it (nor can anyone place theirs through my hair...)





this image? I absolutely adore as well....


these are my kids. and I cannot wait for my next one to join the madness...(my tights can't wait, either...)

thank you for your votes! thank you even more for your support over the past year as my photography has grown. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Friday, August 21, 2009

an eventful beach shoot with the kenyon family

and though eventful began as an evening threatening with dark skies and wild winds reminiscient of last Sunday's chaos, eventful turned out to be a blessing this time.
sitting in a car for over an hour to get here and then being asked to completely dismiss the sand and water beckoning them to play in it, Emma and Caleb were little superstars for my lens. dreary skies sprinkling us with rain and whipping our hair with wind as waves crashed endlessly had nothing on us. the Kenyon family rocked out their shoot, producing some of my favorite beach images ever and really showed how the sun can peek through admist running noses and dreams of superman ice cream.....

and straight into one of my favorite shots of the evening...

emma brought her flower along and it couldn't have been more perfect.

and a found pine cone really did wonders for Caleb....

images where the love just seeps through make my heart smile...

yes, love it.

oh the bond of a brother and sister....

how can you not fall in love with these adorable children?! my word, they are so gorgeous....

we are talking big waves and some serious splashing...and some serious fun.

I love how she carefully planted her flower in the sand with such tenderness...

and of course, one of my favorite family beach images had to be captured...look how little they are!! (the kids, that is...)

and so an evening filled with crazy weather left us with some breathtaking moments, including one of my very, very favorites. ever. seriously. I don't know what it is about this image but it just leaves me with such peace and gratitude for the simple things in life.

kenyon family, you are the best.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

abrial, five year old seasoned pro

has a year really passed since I first met the vivacious little abrial?? I remember thinking what a fun, animated, adorable little thing she was and worrying about how I would capture all of that in split second moments that she allowed me a glimpse in...well it turned out not to be a problem. she can't help but be full of life and laughter every moment you are surrounded by her. that is just who she is. she is a veteran at this photo shoot stuff now and throw in a few of my not so funny knock knock jokes? well there you have it.

I refuse to pick a favorite from our session together but these first four are definitely at the top of my list....

seriously who am I kidding? I am in love with them all.

hello super adorableness! she has the sweetest, cutest face....

with just a dash of mischeviousness on the side.

this is definitely the abrial I know...

with such an infectious laugh and smile...

and just a little bit of sass. just a little.

sometimes supermodels are just gonna do their own thing. and I wouldn't have it any other way.