Friday, May 28, 2010

chubby baby love with sweet brookston

first, there was his adorable big sister, shayla, and her sweet sass, blue-eyed, blonde hair adorableness. I could not *wait* to see what was in store for her little brother soon to make an appearance of his own. I was *not* disappointed. and seeing the two of them together, with their super gorgeous parents and this perfect family complete (for now...) I was thinking it cannot get any better than this. but something which *rarely* ever happens did- I was wrong.

I had not seen sweet brookston in all his baby chub glory since he was one month old, and now at the ripe age of four months old, I could hardly speak. (also something that never happens...)the cuteness just exuded from him. in one ridiculously I want to squeeze those sweet baby cheekers after another smile.

rockin a mowhawk. in a tie. stylish baby jean jacket. baby jeans. simple fresh crisp white collared shirt. chillin out in the park in an old school radio flyer wagon. even attempting to look super baby chic on a wrought iron bench (which sounded SO super the time.) the boy could not help it. he was born to break hearts.
especially with the best accessory of all...

bare belly baby chub. (try to say that fast three times....) oh. my. word. I *adore* these first two images. like want to eat them up adore.

beautiful baby brookston, you are the epitome of the awwwww factor. the super elongated one....

who me? cute?

yeah....I know.

did I mention the boy likes his hands? ah lot?? the shy cuteness factor makes him even that much more irresistable (great practice for heart breaking later in life....the ladies will eat it up. seriously.)

oh teeny tiny baby fingers how I adore you.

baby chub. I love you.

a boy and his mama.

a really, really GREAT mama.

hmmm...I think it may be love at first sight. (the chubby baby love kind. the best kind EVER.)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a whole lotta girls, and a daddy, too...

meet the fabulous butcher family. your eyes dost not deceive you. that is FIVE girls in one family. and that is the super awesome husband/daddy/most capable and understanding man in america. okay, well at least in grand haven. seriously. good thing the butcher girls are pretty super awesome themselves.

hiking through hemlock crossing with this super fun and fantastic family, I realized a few things....
one- I love bridges. actually, I adore them. freakishly adore them, as in I am seriously considering building my own in my side yard for no apparent reason at all other than just to have one. (okay, and it would be a really great prop for shoots. really great.)

two- trees are really cool. except when they have weird growth on them. or giant black ants. then they aren't really cool at all.

and three- I am going to need to charge more when exercise is required. or wait, maybe I should be reimbursing *them* because lets face it, I am not going to get it otherwise.

I kind of like this family. and here is where it all began...

these two lovebirds will be celebrating TEN years of marriage in july...(which in hollywood, is like fifty. at least. but again, this is grand haven. yeah. and we love it.....especially when adorable sisters like this reside here....

big sister natalie....motherly, sweet, shy, thinks I am funny (remember?? you really do...)

middle big sister julia- adorable, kind, tough (hello prickers, like, multiple times), and likes her snacks. (all models do, they just don't talk about it...)

almost the youngest sister charlotte- squeezable little cheekers, cutest little voice, happy, my new bff. (because if you hold my hand and look up at me and smile a ridiculously cute smile, you just have to be.)

and wee little sister iris- determined, loves to explore, big ol brown eyes I will never forget (really. one of the original eight babies. you just have hair and you are a bit bigger now. oh, and I have to chase you everywhere. you move. all the time. which makes you even cuter.)

ah yes, sisters. the best.

did I mention we had some fun, too? (much of it courtesy of that super awesome dad guy. I think his girls may just think he is the greatest EVER. )

because he is.

mom is kind of cool, too....

rebeckah and tim, you are incredible parents. I don't know how you do it but you do. and you do it really, really well. you are all pretty super awesome really.

like I said, I kind of like this family.

a lot.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

sweet little pixies photo shoot

and I don't think I can stress the word "sweet" enough. there were no diva meltdowns (which secretly, I kind of thought might make our shoot *really* have that supermodel-ish vibe. just don't tell any of the moms I said that...)

there were no unkind words spoken, no complaints (hey, I can have a deaf ear if I want to...), and definitely no drama. (which, once again, the inner queen in me of such insanity felt a bit let down about....just a bit.)

what there WAS, was a whole lotta love. I mean a lot. hugging. making new friends. shared secrets. sweet little hands holding sweet little hands. dancing. catching bubbles. dimpled, shy glances. soft spoken smiles. sometimes even laughter could be heard. (but don't tell the little pixies we thought they may have just been having fun...)

and on top of it all? some jack johnson and ben harper to boot. (curious george soundtrack- you may have convinced me to carry a boombox with me everywhere I go from now on.

now THAT may be just the touch of diva I was seeking.

on with the show! super cute little pixies combined with super stylish, fun and hip (did I mention affordable??) clothing from the lovely pixie designers duo equaled an absolutely fabulous afternoon in the park that hopefully garnered up some lovely images to prove it. cause we were just people watching, watching people, watching we....

it's always more fun, to share with everyone...

the talks of the town (aka, a little pixie breakdown......)

I just know that we are going to be friends....

thank you. THANK you to the ahMAZing laura and alice tietema (the masterminds behind pixie dust designs). your vision, your creativity, your fabric, LOVE. it. all. I was *honored* to be a small part of your collection.

and dearest, SWEETest little pixies. you shine from the inside out. never have I met such a group of beautiful little people so willing to befriend each other. laugh with each other. smile at one another. accept one another. and share some love together. you are all truly the most sweetest little pixies EVER.

we can change the world. with our own two hands. make it a better place. a brighter place. a kinder place.
with *your* own two hands.