Thursday, June 25, 2009

in the good old days...

my whole family might have had to rely on horses as our sole means for getting around (think Little House on the Prarie with Jeff as the manly Pa...) and after seeing them all interact with the family horses this past weekend, I think we just might have done okay....alright, so they would have had to pull me behind on a cart with all the hand-picked garden food but still, we might just have given the Ingalls family some serious competition.

seriously, could they be any cuter riding? and if I let them, they would stay on their horses all day....literally. they were born to ride.

this boy can pretty much get away with anything at this point...but don't tell him that.

this might just be one of my most favorite images ever...

all I can say is Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy in the Sundance Kid.....perfection.

Ruth Ann and CJ

a sassy little horse for a spycee little woman (she IS my mom afterall...)

IMG 8564

IMG 8565

IMG 8575

IMG 8582-1

IMG 8588-1

IMG 8593

IMG 8602

IMG 8621

IMG 8627

IMG 8643

IMG 8646

IMG 8649-1

IMG 8653

IMG 8654

Steph and Domino

with Domino as a professional buggy puller (and dust roller..) and even a guest appearance by the lovely Esther!

IMG 8168

IMG 8184

IMG 8195

IMG 8198

IMG 8201-1

IMG 8404

IMG 8415

IMG 8416

IMG 8418-1

IMG 8431

IMG 8433

IMG 8455

IMG 8445

Nicole and Rusty

Rusty was a professional, this being his second shoot and all...and I enjoyed watching some fancy footwork as well...

IMG 8210

IMG 8211-1

IMG 8212

IMG 8215

IMG 8220

IMG 8228

IMG 8230

IMG 8235

IMG 8240

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IMG 8256

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IMG 8330

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